As an OD practitioner, this is one of the key challenges, to build a culture of Respect and Inclusion

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Diversity. Inclusion. Affirmative action.

10 years ago, few people knew these words. 20 years ago, hardly anyone. In the recent past, these words have come to become prominent in organizational literature and have also become key functions in some organizationsImage is from the website of the University of Tenessee CCI Diversity Committee charge

What gets my goat is when I hear talk about “A business case for Diversity”.


Diversity exists in nature. Look around you. There are hundreds of different types of trees, many different types of dogs, cats, snakes, human beings even. And among human beings there are various tribes, religions, cultures, nationalities, sub-cultures. The universe is fundamentally diverse.

Saying you need a business case for diversity, is like saying you need a business case for leadership.

So why has Diversity suddenly gained so much prominence?

Thanks to globalization, mobility and the internet, organizational homogeneity has come to an end. Time was (a century and half or so ago), someone opened…

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