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Which one are you today?

When you fail do you:
1. Reflect & Learn? OR

2. Self flagellate & moan?

One of these attitudes will take you to success!

When you succeed do you:

1. Swell up and feel invincible? OR

2. Appreciate everyone involved & reflect to learn what were the key factors that led to success and key decisions that were taken?

One of these attitudes will sustain success

When you learn something new:

1. Do you apply it at the earliest? OR

2. Plan to apply it and it gets forgotten as time passes by?

When you receive feedback:

1. Do you thank the giver, reflect on your own, go back to seek clarification if required & work on correction/continue the strengths consciously? OR

2. Do you get defensive, justify or start giving feedback to the other person?

One of these attitudes makes you a very irritating person

When your direct report…

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